Friday, May 15, 2009

Back on Top

So, I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm not a great blogger.  Maybe I'm an okay blogger but inconsistent at best?  At any rate, for the next 5 minutes I will no longer be on the bottom of my friend Kim's blog roll.  Everytime I check in on her (via the blog) I see my name at the bottom.  Last updated: 5 months.  Last updated:  7 months.  Last updated: 9 months.  Gulp. Geesh.  So much guilt over a silly blog...

Week 52.  My tiny one is no longer tiny.  He is wiggly and busy and a chatterbox.  He is curious and fast- crawling that is.  For now, he walks slowly by himself but if you take his hands he is ready to RUN!  He is a bottomless pit.  He loves balls -especially basketballs- and trains.  He loves his Daddy and sometimes calls him Dat which always makes laugh.  He knows that Uncle Bert, Bogey, Nana and Aunt Bear mean it's time to have fun.  He gives kisses and head bonks and hugs where he pats my back.  He calls me Momma in his beautiful high pitched baby voice. He is still (and maybe forever) tied to his paci- his most favorite toy.  He calls all dogs 'kkkeee' like Zeke.  He makes my every day.  

We went to the doctor for his one year check up today.  Since he was born he has grown 9 inches and gained 14.5 lbs.  So, here we are.  Week 52.  3 days until his first birthday. 

He has made me a better person - more patient and hopefully more merciful.  Seeing Todd with him makes me love Todd even more and I didn't think that it was possible to love him any more than I already did.  

And that's where we are.  Time has flown by since my last blog but I know you guys need to catch up so here are the last 9 months in make up for the 9 months when I didn't blog.  :)  

God bless.

More pictures coming...soon-ish...hopefully before his 2nd birthday. :)

Hanging out with Uncle Tripp on Mother's Day.
Mother's Day.  
Playing 'ba' with 'dat'
The zoo.  Need I say more?
We couldn't get him to look at the camera.  He just wanted to see the animals. :)
April : Basketball Easter 'egg'
At his friend Dylan's birthday party.... and a little partied out I might add.
Early in the day and still going strong.
February:  SNOW!
I love those big brown eyes.
Pulling up all by himself and so proud.
Our self portrait - double chins and all. :)
He couldn't stop looking at the snow...
Ready to go play!
Still groggy but we had to see the snow.  
Baby feet (and a little bit of toe jam.  Sorry)
Trying to hide under the dining room chair.
Christmas in VA with the Leshers.

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Kim Stroh said...

YEAH FOR THE TOP OF THE BLOG ROLL! I will keep you on there if it keeps you accountable! I wish I was there to celebrate your wonderful gift!!! Give him kisses from his favorite non-but will call her aunt anyway - aunt.