Monday, August 18, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Seriously.  How did 6 weeks goes by so quickly?  Since my last post we have spent a week in northern Virginia/Maryland with Todd's family and a week at Lake Lure, NC with my family.   Allen has found his voice.  He has started drooling- a lot.  He is trying desperately to roll over.  He went swimming for the first time.  He has decided that he doesn't like the car seat after all.  He tries to sit up whenever you lay him down.  He has finally spotted Zeke.  He is 3 months old today and has grown another inch and a half and I'm sure gained another pound.  (25 inches and about 13.5 lbs is my guess.)

I've been reflecting for the last few days on how my life has changed/what I've learned since becoming a stay at home mommy:
-painted toenails are a luxury instead of a necessity
-a trip to Target by myself feels like a day at the beach
-I start cooking dinner at around 3 in hopes that I will get to the last step before 7:30
-it takes a full month to read a magazine
-my needs come last - my boys come first
-being a stay at home mom can be a little lonely at times
-I am happier and more tired than I have ever been before

3 months in and a lifetime to go but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Life is good at the Lesher house.  Todd and Brett both start classes again this month and I've had more chances than ever for my photography.  Finding time to edit is a challenge but I love it!  It gives me a chance to be creative and feel like the old (pre-mom) me is still in there somewhere.

Enjoy the photos from the last 6 weeks!  I'll post pictures from the trip to the lake when Carey sends them to me.

Allen with GG (Big Popi's mother) and Grammie.

Getting ready for my first time swimming at GG Wrenn's pool.

The sun was really bright but I liked it!

A little better...well, except for the hat.

Here I am.  They don't make swimming diapers for little babies so I had to wear my regular diaper.  It weighed a ton!

All of the boys having tummy time. Even Zeke!

Mommy, I know you think these shoes are cut but I don't like them!

Todd and Allen with his cousin Shannan and her little girl Zoey at the Leshers in VA.

Zoey stole my paci.

And then tried to put it back in my eye. :)

Allen and his Gram Spratt.

Enjoying a meal with Aunt Molly and the Biddelmans (Todd's cousin Shannan, her husband Jason and their little girl Zoey)

Three generations of smiling Lesher boys.  Allen, Big Popi and Todd.

Allen and Pop Lesher.  Pop was singing him the Missouri Waltz.  

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