Thursday, June 19, 2008

A crazy few weeks...

Mommies have told me that the days go by so fast with a newborn. As I type, Allen is 4 1/2 weeks old and growing like a weed...and crying in the background despite Grammie Pam's fabulous bouncing skills. 8:30pm seems to be his breaking point each and every night - the time of total exhaustion and ravenous hunger when no one but Mommy will do. I am baffled that I have the ability to comfort him like that. Baffled! But I love that I can make his whole world better just by snuggling him.

Let's see, week 3 was spent trying to keep the house as cool as possible while the temperatures outside were climbing up past 100. It's stressful to have such a little one when it's so hot outside. Carey and I ventured out to the mall only to find it wasn't much cooler there. Such a disappointment.

The 'highlight' of week 4 was my exit interview at church. As of June 30th, I am officially a stay at home Mom. WOOHOO! I know it will mean that we cut back on things that have felt important in the past but Allen has definitely changed our perspective on what is important. I do really miss the ladies I worked with though. They are such great friends!

And now, week 5. Unfortunately, Todd misssed his first Father's Day and Allen's one month birthday because he has been in Pittsburgh with the high school students. I've talked to him every day and he is having a great week with the kids despite missing his little buddy like crazy. His family has been here helping me with Allen --which has been a huge blessing. I don't know what we would do without our families. They so love our little boy. This week has been a challenge for me. It's been hard to share my husband with the students that we both love so much. I selfishly (selfishly for Allen and I ) wanted him home with us. Nana (my mom) and I keep telling Allen that he can't do anything new or grow this week so his Daddy won't miss anything. 2 more days to go until he's home and I can't wait. I feel like Todd does for me what I do for Allen- make the world right again.

Enjoy the pictures of our little man. He's growing so fast!

Bath time is a huge hit at our house these days!

Rubber ducky, you're the one...

Me and my Daddy before he left for Pittsburgh. Our heads are the same shape. See?

Mommy makes me wear this silly hat when I go outside.

This is me telling her what Daddy and I think about the hat!

Sitting with Aunt Molly and wearing tye-dye.  Thanks for the shirts, Becca!


Cheyenne Schultz said...

He's just precious, Abbey. I love reading about your adventures with your first newborn. Congrats on the new job! :) I too - starting on June 30th also - will have a new job....I'll be a stay at home photographer full time. :) I think not having people around all day will be the biggest adjustment.

I feel your pain about your husband being gone - I've been going crazy without Geoff here with me and can't wait for him to get back here tomorrow! Doing life just isn't near as fun without him. :)

Please let me know if you need anything! :)

Ginny Alley said...

Sweet sweet post. I can't believe he's already 4 1/2 weeks! He's so handsome and I bet you are an amazing mom!
Love you,